Fine Jewel Store

Welcome to the Fine Jewel Store. We aim to inform the public about the jewelry industry and promote the use of blockchain technology to bring more transparency and security to the industry.

Shiny diamonds at Fine Jewel Store.

We will soon offer jewelry composed primarily of precious metals due to their intrinsic value and eternal symbolism. We will offer the finest jewelry of the most exquisite taste on the market.

As believers in transparency and free markets, we believe blockchain technology will be a boon for the jewelry industry, improving efficiencies and building trust between consumers, merchants, and producers.

Gold has been used as money for thousands of years due to its rarity, lustrous yellow color, malleability, and durability. No matter where you are in the world, gold can be traded for cash fairly easily. Because of its aesthetic appeal, demand for the yellow metal all over the world is insatiable.

Indian gold bracelet.

Silver, like gold, has been valued for thousands of years due to having similar physical properties, though with a white luster. Its beauty and more affordable price have made it highly sought after by buyers of jewelry all over the world. Because of its rarity and less expensive price, it is also bought as an investment by many. Because of silver’s tendency to tarnish over time, it requires more care than other precious metals to maintain its exceptional beauty.

Platinum is another precious metal commonly used precious metal in jewelry, and, like gold and silver, has industrial uses. Its most well-known use is in catalytic converters for vehicles to reduce pollution. Its bright white luster has made it increasingly popular for jewelry, though its cost due to its scarcity limits the demand for the metal. There is significantly less platinum than gold in the Earth’s crust: all of the platinum ever mined is believed to be able to fit into a 25 cubic foot box.

There are other precious metals used for jewelry, such as rhodium, though the above-named metals are the most widely used and recognized.