Gold is a highly desired precious metal due to its unique properties and is highly sought after as jewelry. Because of its unique yellow luster, rarity, durability, and malleability, it has been regarded as money for thousands of years, with empires rising and falling based on their supply of the precious metal. Though the price of gold has risen significantly in the last 10 to 15 years, gold is still affordable for many people, especially in smaller sizes and in lower karats.

Though gGold rings at jewelry store.old is popular for jewelry, it has other uses. As a metal with intrinsic value, it is a store of wealth. The money you spend for gold jewelry is thus a form of savings, assuming you keep your gold long term, given that it can be liquidated almost at its melt value with certain reputable dealers or even sold above its melt value with buyers on the market. Given its status as a precious metal, gold symbolizes wealth and status. You can wear gold knowing full well the labor and resources it requires to extract it from the Earth’s crust.

Due to its rarity, gold will always be a hedge to inflation, rising in value as paper currencies are devalued due to too much money printing. As a hedge to inflation, it is regarded as a safe-haven asset. Gold can also be taken anywhere in the world and liquidated, given that it is universally recognized as money.

Very lustrous gold rings.

Gold’s bright yellow luster has made it especially attractive for jewelry. Unlike silver, gold does not tarnish, and is relatively resistant to environmental corrosion. Gold jewelry is thus very easy to maintain.